Hi, I'm Toby!

I'm a high school student from Germany interested in programming, broadcast tech, and esports.

I have experience working with Python, JavaScript, Vue, and React. These are some of the projects I've built:


Easily sync different video feeds with each other

Overwatch Broadcast Stats

Adding live statistics to Elo Hell Esports' Overwatch broadcasts


Monitor OBS statistics using obs-ws, Prometheus, and Grafana


Web app to view my school's schedule

Overwatch Lookup Tool

Tool to look up bulk Overwatch profiles built using SvelteKit and Tailwind


An asynchronous wrapper around ow-api.com using aiohttp


Discord bot written for moderation of Elo Hell Esports' PUGs Discord

Twitch Music Overlay

Browser source that displays song info for streamers

FRC PitDisplay

Tool that displays match information for the FIRST® Robotics Competition


An add-on that forced browsers to use old Twitter. It was used by 300,000 users until twitter shut down their legacy site