hand emoji waving Hi, I'm Toby!

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I'm a high school student from german flag Germany interested in programming, broadcast tech, and esports. I have experience working with Python , JavaScript , TypeScript , Vue , NuxtJS , Svelte , and React .

screenshot of OWLEL

A game inspired by Wordle about guessing Overwatch League players

Built using Vue 3 · TypeScript · Tailwind CSS · Headless UI

screenshot of syncer.live

A tool to help synchronize different video feeds with each other

Built using SvelteKit · Tailwind CSS · DayJS

screenshot of hgg.schule

A progressive web app to view my school's schedule

Built using Vue · Vuetify · Workbox

Overwatch Lookup Tool
screenshot of lookup.zusor.io

Tool to look up bulk Overwatch profiles

Built using SvelteKit · Tailwind CSS | View on GitHub

Wanna work together? toby@zusor.io